Pantanal – 03 Nights 04 Days

03 Nights 04 Days – Pantanal

1st Day – Arrival in Cuiabá / Receptive at the Airport / Transfer In to the Pantanal / Photographic-Safari.
2nd Day – Hiking / Photographic-Safari / Night Focus.
3rd Day – Pantaneiro Dawn / Horse and Boat Tour / Photographic-Safari.
4th Day – Transfer Out.


Values ​​”per person”

Regular Rate
Accommodation SGL DBL TPL QDPL
Hotel Piuval STD R$ 5.040,00 R$ 2.990,00  R$ 2.520,00 R$ 2.230,00
Hotel Rio Claro R$ 5.230,00 R$ 3.140,00 R$ 2.680,00 R$ 2.320,00
Hotel Pouso Alegre R$ 5.420,00 R$ 3.450,00 R$ 2.960,00 R$ 2.500,00


Values ​​per person.
Package Includes: IN / OUT Transfer, Food (lunch, dinner and breakfast), Hotel, Guide(portuguese), Tours, Transportation and Ecotourism Insurance.
Unique rates, valid throughout the year.
New Year, Carnival, July and Christmas are subject to change of values ​​without prior notice. Request early quotation.
Receptive according to the time of your flight. It is recommended to “arrive” from the morning until 11:00 to take advantage of the Photographic Safari in the afternoon.
Return according to your flight schedule. It is recommended to “return” after 14:00.


Payment methods:

01X – 100% advance, on booking.


Itinerary Description:

Arrival in Cuiabá, reception at the airport and transfer of 110 km on asphalt road to Poconé + 10Km Off-Road, beginning of Transpantaneira, the only road that penetrates to the heart of the Pantanal.
Photographic safari during the course, with several stops for nature observation and viewing of birds such as Tuiuiú, Herons, Spoonbills, among others.
Arrival at the Hotel, check in and welcome to Pantanal. In the late afternoon walk around the hotel to know interesting details of the Pantanal and have the first contacts with the lush fauna and flora.
Dinner and free night.


After breakfast, exit for a longer walk, visiting capões and pantaneiros. Possibility to know several characteristics of this ecosystem, such as the cycles of floods and droughts, history of settlement, biology and botany. With luck you will be able to see birds and mammals that inhabit the wetland and learn a little more about this rich environment. Return to the HOTEL and rest during hot hours. Lunch at the inn and siesta pantaneira. During the afternoon departure for a Photographic-Safari by car, observing other interesting points, such as refuges of certain species or places where there are reports of observation. A trip discovering the wetland and increasing the traveler’s knowledge about this place rich in biodiversity. Possibility to watch the sunset in the field and return doing the nocturnal focus, a walk that looks for mammals that hide during the day.
Arrival at hotel.
Dinner and free night.

Wake up early for the pantaneiro dawn, moment minutes before sunrise. A spectacle of colors and sounds fill the environment during the first moments before sunrise, revealing signs of the animals moving the night before. Interesting moment to walk in the vicinity and know a little more of the wetland. Breakfast and then out for horseback riding, going deeper into the Pantanal farm. The adventure takes the visitor to see fields, canyons, coves and lagoons, crossing dry and wet tracks, experiencing as a legitimate pantaneiro. Return for lunch at the inn and siesta pantaneira. During the afternoon, take a boat trip, discovering small rivers, corje and bays. Possibility to see biguatingas, kingfishers, peacocks, beautiful hawks, otters, among other species that inhabit the riverbanks. A beautiful boat ride at sunset, contemplating all the colors of the sky. Return at the end of the day and rest.
Dinner and free night.

Check Out and Return Transfer to Cuiabá.


Include in your luggage light clothing for walking and bathing suits;
Sneakers or boots, sandals;
Small backpack for hiking;
Sunscreen and repellent;
Camera or camcorder;
Hat or cap;
The temperature can drop in the nights of the region, a warm clothing is a good option;
Always take your medicines with you regularly;
The local voltage is 127V;
In Poconé there are Banks: Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Lotéricas;
In Poconé there is a signal for Oi, Vivo, Claro and Tim.
In the Pantanal, the cell phone almost does not work, let your relatives know;
In the Pantanal do not have banks only in the nearby cities, be forewarned take some money for personal expenses.


The order of the tours will not necessarily be as described above;
The above schedule may change due to weather, access, or other factors that may interfere with the safety or well being of travelers;
CHD – on request;
The activities described as optional or courtesy depend solely on the suppliers’ availability.